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Our Main Business

however, ask us what else we can arrange

Mobile phones

We trade all major phone brands.
Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo.
However we arrange all possible brands.


DJI Drones

We are a gold partner of DJI.
We supply both commercial and enterprise.



We specialize in trading laptops, both gaming and business.


Smart Watches

We trade with Samsung and Apple Watches.
However we can menage also other brands and accessories.

About Our Company

Speed in Service, Excellence in Execution

In today’s fast-paced business environment, operational speed is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Our company prides itself on delivering swift, efficient, and reliable solutions to meet the dynamic needs of our clients. By combining cutting-edge technology with a team of dedicated professionals, we ensure that every aspect of our operations is streamlined for maximum efficiency.

Solving Problems, Empowering Success

In the world of business, challenges are inevitable. What sets successful companies apart is their ability to navigate obstacles and find effective solutions. Our team excels at problem-solving, leveraging our expertise, creativity, and tenacity to tackle even the most complex challenges.

Our Values

"Trust, innovation and partnership". In the world of B2B electronics, success is built on a foundation of trust, innovation and partnership. Our mission is to empower businesses by connecting them with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled service
Piotr Semeniuk
''Efficiency and adaptability are the cornerstones of B2Belectronics success." As CFO, my vision is to streamline operations and drive growth by fostering a culture of continuous improvement collaboration, and technologicalexcellence.
Michał Lechowicz
As the VP of Business Development, my primary objective is to strategically foster B2B partnerships, driving our growth trajectory by leveraging innovation and cultivating enduring relationships for mutual benefit and success.
VP Business Development
Tomasz Sikora